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The King of North Georgia’s Golf Courses

Golf is meant to be spectacular; from the challenge of the course to the views along the way,
a full round should leave you totally satisfied. In that sense, the Valhalla Golf Club delivers:
Meandering through the Blue Ridge Mountains, this Helen, Georgia, golf course blends fun
play with stunning scenery, all at reasonable prices.


8am – 6pm, seven days a week
664 Bahn Innsbruck
Helen, GA 30545

Phone: (706) 878-2200


Rates include golf cart rental fees and taxes, and are subject to change at the course’s discretion. Weekend rates apply to federal holidays. Senior rates are reserved for players over 60.


Standard $55 Standard $65
Senior $47 Senior $55


Standard $34 Standard $40
Senior $30 Senior $36

10 Round Package

Includes all golf fees and range balls for $400! Rounds can be used anytime, and they never expire!
*Rounds are non-transferable and have no cash value.
*Individual pre-pay golf package

Conquer Valhalla Golf Club


Stretching out in the shadow of the Chattahoochee National Forest, Valhalla Golf presents a stiff test. At its longest, this North Georgia golf course clocks in at 6,502 yards; at its strongest, a scratch golfer would be pleased to shoot par. With pronounced elevation changes, natural and manmade hazards, and strong hole variety, this course demands intelligence and shot control.
Think you have what it takes to succeed?

Golf Course Hole 01

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Don’t let the left side of this par 4 intimidate you. You can hit a 3-wood or even a long Iron off this tee; just aim to the right and let it roll off the bank.

Blue 358
Yellow 291
Red 246
Par 4
Handicap 11
Golf Course Hole 02

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There is a lot of room on the right side. A great drive may cut the corner, but this is a hole where a 3-wood or long iron might be the safe play.

Blue 349
Yellow 278
Red 235
Par 4
Handicap 13
Golf Course Hole 03

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This is a long Par 5 and unless you are a long hitter, don’t worry about reaching the green in two. The key to this hole is the tee shot. Be careful of the steepness of the cart path here. Do not take the cart out of gear and apply brakes slowly when going into curves. From there it is uphill to the green.

Blue 574
Yellow 464
Red 344
Par 5
Handicap 1
Golf Course Hole 04

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Not a long Par 3, but a difficult one. Check the wind before teeing off. The key to this hole is club selection, because of the depth of the green. Again, be careful of the steepness of the cart path and use the brakes wisely and carefully.

Blue 168
Yellow 125
Red 113
Par 3
Handicap 15
Golf Course Hole 05

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The best way to describe this hole is straight and narrow. If you miss the fairway, miss it to the right and hopefully the slope will bring you back.

Blue 404
Yellow 338
Red 334
Par 4
Handicap 3
Golf Course Hole 06

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This hole requires a demanding tee ball, so focus on hitting the fairway, even if it takes a 3-wood. Remember that this hole plays uphill. Be aware of club selection.

Blue 400
Yellow 364
Red 296
Par 4
Handicap 5
Golf Course Hole 07

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This is the shortest Par 5 on the course. It offers you a chance for a birdie or even an eagle. The tee ball should be played left to middle of the fairway. After that, the choice is yours; lay up or go for it. Just remember the creek in front of the green.

Blue 473
Yellow 403
Red 362
Par 5
Handicap 7
Golf Course Hole 08

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This is possibly the easiest Par 3 on the course. Be aware of the wind. The depth of the green offers a three club variance.

Blue 200
Yellow 143
Red 125
Par 3
Handicap 17
Golf Course Hole 09

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This is a great hole to finish the first 9. Just aim your tee shot at scenic Mt. Yonah. From the middle tees, play your shot from 190 to 200 yards to your landing area in the fairway. The ideal landing area is center to left of the fairway to keep the pond out of play. From the fairway, check the wind and yardage. If you miss the green, miss it to the right since water comes into play on the left.

Blue 380
Yellow 329
Red 289
Par 4
Handicap 9
Golf Course Hole 10

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The key to this Par 5 is to line up correctly on the tee. Most players line up too far to the right and hit into the woods. Remember to hit one extra club on your approach shot, due to the elevation of the green.

Blue 481
Yellow 427
Red 338
Par 5
Handicap 4
Golf Course Hole 11

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This Par 3 plays straightforward. Take into consideration the depth of the green and a slight elevation. If you miss this green, miss it to the left.

Blue 183
Yellow 135
Red 116
Par 3
Handicap 18
Golf Course Hole 12

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There is not much room for error on this hole, so hit your most accurate long iron or wood to the fairway. Remember that the second shot will play 10 to 15 yards longer than it will measure. The cart path here has two severe curves going downhill to the fairway. Also be aware of the hill when going to the next hole.

Blue 407
Yellow 353
Red 291
Par 4
Handicap 10
Golf Course Hole 13

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The ideal shot on this hole is to lay up from the white tee. Shot placement is the key on this hole. The fairway begins to drop off at 150 yards from the green. Remember to play your shot from the center to left of the fairway, since the right side severely drops off to an almost unplayable area on this hole. This is another cart path to drive carefully on.

Blue 338
Yellow 310
Red 304
Par 4
Handicap 6
Golf Course Hole 14

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An accurate drive is needed, as lateral hazards run on both sides of this well-bunkered hole; bring your sand wedge.

Blue 383
Yellow 323
Red 282
Par 4
Handicap 12
Golf Course Hole 15

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This is definitely our signature hole! From the top of the tee box, you can play the tee shot from around 125 to 135 yards. Your ball will drop about 150 feet before reaching the green. Be sure to check the wind, this cart path is straight downhill with a sharp turn to the right. Come to a complete stop at the top of the hill before starting downhill. Do NOT put your cart in neutral or lock your brakes going downhill! Take the curve slowly and carefully.

Blue 177
Yellow 158
Red 130
Par 3
Handicap 16
Golf Course Hole 16

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This is definitely the toughest Par 5 on the course. Your drive, as well as your approach shot, should favor the right side to avoid the creek that runs all the way along the left side. The green slopes from the front to back, so read your putt carefully.

Blue 478
Yellow 415
Red 367
Par 5
Handicap 2
Golf Course Hole 17

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This is a tough driving hole for many golfers. Favor the left side, since it opens up at the top of the fairway. This green slopes from back to front, so be aware of the pin placement on your approach shot to the green. It is better to putt uphill on this green.

Blue 306
Yellow 270
Red 232
Par 4
Handicap 14
Golf Course Hole 18

View stats on each hole, photos and more

First of all, be careful crossing the road from the #17 green to the tee box on #18. This is a demanding Par 4. It requires a tee shot that favors the right side. Be cautious going down the hill to the fairway. Your approach shot is to a big green that slopes from the back to front. Check your club selection and take dead aim.

Blue 443
Yellow 346
Red 321
Par 4
Handicap 8
Hole Rating/Slope 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 In Out
Blue 72.7/135 358 349 574 168 404 400 473 200 380 3306 6502
Gold 68.2/120 291 278 464 125 338 364 403 143 329 2735 5472
Red 69.2/116 246 235 344 113 334 296 362 125 289 2344 4725
Par 4 4 5 3 4 4 5 3 4 36 72
Handicap 11 13 1 15 3 5 7 17 9
Hole Rating/Slope 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Out
Blue 72.7/135 481 183 407 338 383 177 478 306 443 3196
Gold 68.2/120 427 135 353 310 323 158 415 270 346 2737
Red 69.2/116 338 116 291 304 282 130 367 232 321 2381
Par 5 3 4 4 4 3 5 4 4 36
Handicap 4 18 10 6 12 16 2 14 8

Valhalla Golf Club


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Valhalla Golf offers competitive rates for both Individual and Family Memberships. Please call (706) 878-2200 for information.


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Whether you’re looking to strengthen your fundamentals, groove your driver, or hone your short game, our Golf Academy will help you prepare for the Valhalla challenge. Bringing over 20 years of teaching experience to our North Georgia golf resort, Head PGA professional, Mike McCall, provides insight and advice from a player’s perspective, and runs both private and group lessons.

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