Solasta Spa
view of massage beds in a spa

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I make reservations?

We encourage you to book your spa appointments when booking your room reservation.  Our spa is very popular in the area and we book up quickly especially on weekends.  You must book directly with the spa by calling 706/878-2200 ext. 4 or email requests to A credit card is required to book for non-resort guests. No-shows will be charged for the full amount of any missed service.

What is your cancellation policy?

A 24-hour notice is required to avoid being charged the full cost of your scheduled treatments. If you cancel under 24-hour notice there may be a late fee assessed up to 40% of bill as we are turning others away during time we have held for your appointments.  

A 48-hour notice is required for groups of 6 or more and if cancelled under 48 hours, will be charged up to 40% of entire bill. 

Should I shave?

Shaving isn’t recommended before body treatments or hair removal services. For men scheduling a facial, shaving two hours before the treatment is recommended, but not necessary.

What should I wear?

We recommend dressing down to your comfort level.  All of our services are modest and we keep all of body covered up except for areas being worked on.  Steam room is co-ed and open to other guests.  During spa hours, we can control who goes in and out of steam room at the discretion of our guests, but swimsuits or a towel cover up is recommended.

When should I arrive?

We suggest arriving at least 20-30 minutes prior to check-in, change and enjoy some quiet time.  The time of your scheduled appointment is your service time and not when you are to arrive, so please plan accordingly as most days we don’t have any time to add to make up for late starts, so your service will be shortened and time will start when you get into treatment and the price will remain the same.

Where should I put my belongings?

If you’re staying at the hotel, please leave valuable items in your guestroom. Lockers are available for personal items.

What if I have special health considerations?

If you have any allergies, physical ailments, or disabilities, or are pregnant, please notify our spa reservation agent when making your appointment.

Is there a fee associated with using spa
facilities without scheduling a treatment?

We do offer a DAY PASS to guests not staying at resort for $35 per person.  We do not allow outside food, drink or coolers.  Pool is outdoor and open, weather permitting. Gym, steamroom and pool are adult only and children are not allowed.

How can I pay for my spa service?

We accept all major credit cards; you may also charge spa services to your hotel bill. Upon request, you may pay prior to your treatment.

What about gratuities?

For your convenience, a 20 percent service charge is included in each spa treatment you receive. Gratuities will be distributed to the spa staff that served you during your visit. Additional gratuities may be provided at your discretion.

Are gift certificates available?

Absolutely. Spa gift certificates may be purchased in specific denominations, and can be used on spa services or purchases in the spa boutique.

Solasta Spa is a cell phone free haven

Cell phones or any other electronic devices are not allowed in spa common areas or treatment rooms.  When entering spa, we ask that you mute your phone and then store in your locker.  If you need to take a call, please go outside of spa to pool area and have your conversation so that others can enjoy their solitude.