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Soul-level healing; as it should be.



Reiki, translating to spiritually guided life force energy, promotes deep relaxation, stress relief, well-being and peace. This energy healing modality can help with pain management, improving sleep, reducing anxiety, relieving depression and so much more.

Treatments are done while the client is fully clothed and the practitioner places their hands on or near the body in a series of hand positions around the head, chest, stomach & feet. The outcome of a session is unique to the individual and as it should be.​

Couple’s sessions have been known to activate and promote deeper communication, compassion, understanding, connection and peace.

$30 Crystal Healing Add-On

Add this treatment to dive even deeper, balancing and healing your energy. Crystals will intuitively be chosen and placed on different areas on and around your body. You will receive one of the Reiki-infused crystals used during your session to take home to help promote continued peace, healing and contentment.

$80 50 minutes

$175 60 minutes couple’s session

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